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Awareness Raising and KABP Survey on Gender-Based Violence
in Secondary Schools

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One of the objectives of the GBVO is to study trends in Gender-Based Violence (GBV) across its different forms and settings. A preliminary finding of the GBVO is that there is no baseline data on this phenomenon in school settings. We therefore proposed to conduct in the same stride an exercise to both raise awareness and sensitisation on GBV and undertake a school-based survey to determine the prevalence as well as examine the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and practices (KABP) of GBV among a sample of 800 students from grade 10 and above. Approval was sought from the the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology to facilitate access to schools. The GBVO team has currently completed data collection with 476 students from across the 4 zones and to meet the set target of 800 participants, the survey administration in 5 more schools is due be completed in the first two weeks of the 3rd term. Capturing the prevalence of different forms of GBV among the student population, raising awareness on GBV and the support services available will no doubt contribute towards national effort to address this social evil.

Prepared by: Dr A Peedoly, Mr H Rughoonauth, Ms D Lugun and Ms T Ramkalam 

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