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Calll for Proposals copy.png
Calll for Proposals copy.png
Calll for Proposals copy.png

Call for Proposals for short-term priority Assises projects

ARI 2022 was a platform that initiated a national dialogue and provided a conducive framework for policy revamping while concurrently providing insights on emerging and frontier innovations. The aim of ARI 2022 was to set the foundations for the development of a National Roadmap for Research and Innovation. Overall, the National Roadmap for Research and Innovation consists of a total of 375 projects spread across numerous actions and spanning through 7 thematic areas and the strategic plan of the MRIC.


A Call for Proposals, the Innovation Boost Grant, was launched in March 2023 for the implementation of short-term priority projects emanating from Les Assises de la Recherche et de l’Innovation and outlined in the National Roadmap for Research and Innovation. The Call for Proposals was channelled through the Smart Innovation Support Mechanism. The maximum amount to be funded per short-term project was restricted to MUR 1 million over a maximum duration of 1 year.

As a result of this Call for Proposals, the MRIC received a total of 130 applications. The total value of these projects is MUR 340 M and the amount being requested from the MRIC was MUR 113 M.

All applications underwent an administrative screening including a due diligence check and a similarity index check. Seven Thematic Evaluation Panels were set up. The members for each panel evaluated and shortlisted applications for a pitch session. Following the pitch sessions, panel members made their recommendations on the applications to be considered for funding.  


Figure: Number of applications received and approved by thematic area

The Board of the MRIC approved 31 projects. One project was withdrawn by the applicant. The total project value of the 30 projects amounts to MUR 39.9 M and the amount to be funded by the MRIC is MUR 23.7 M.

Picture 1.png

Figure: Projects by type of company/institution

The contractual agreements have been signed for all 30 projects and the first disbursement for each project has been done in the second week of July 2023 for the projects to start.

Prepared by: Dr R Jeetah-Rampadaruth, Mr K Narrain, Ms S Bhojoo, Mrs H Mungun-Jhurry, and Mr Y Gajadur

Inputs from: Dr N Gopaul and team (Financial Innovation), Dr P Veer Ramjeawon and team (Blue and Green Innovation), Dr M Madhou and team (Health and Wellness Innovation/Rodrigues Innovation), Dr V Bissonauth and team (IT, Emerging and Enabling Innovation), Dr A Peedoly and team (Social and Grassroots Innovation) and Mr K Tatoree and team (Travel, Tourism and Entertainment Innovation)

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