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Donation Drive at the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council 

The project ‘Mauritius Repurposed:  The Covid Period as an Opportunity for Product Development, Waste Reduction and Restored Dignity, approved under the Special Call for Applications: Fast-track Innovation Initiatives was undertaken by The Good Shop (TGS) and completed in May 2022. 


Following the completion of the project, a Donation Drive was organised at the MRIC from 22nd August to 5th September 2022. At the end of the Donation Drive, a total of 68.8 kg of donations  were collected from MRIC staff, out of which 

  • 62% went to the shop floor, supporting TGS’s missions of Education, Employment and Environment. 

  • 36% went to TGS’s NGOs partners to support their beneficiaries. 

  • The remaining 2% were used considered as 'leftovers' for TGS’s upcycling projects. 

It is to be noted that according to The Good Shop representatives, the quality of the donations received was very good. 


A second Donation Drive will be planned in the year 2023. 

By: Dr P Veer Ramjeawon and Dr R Jeetah Rampadaruth

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