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Welcome to our online newsletter.

Let me at the outset convey my best wishes for 2023 to all our stakeholders and partners in research and innovation. 2022 has been rich in events and exciting in terms of achievements. We are providing ourselves at the MRIC the means and ways to make 2023 an even more fruitful year to accomplish more and respond effectively to the country’s call for advancement through innovation. We were very happy to see that Mauritius has been progressing consistently in the global innovation ranking and we are being tasked to address inadequacies that would undoubtedly improve further this ranking. Stemming from the recommendations of ‘’Les Assises de la Recherche et de l’Innovation’’ we are looking forward to implement, in first instance, short-term projects recommended on the thematics identified in the report “National for Roadmap Research and Innovation 2023-2027” which has been rendered public. Our national project on gender-based violence is taking shape in terms of harmonization of data and actions and the National SME Incubator schemes, one of the flagship projects of the MRIC is providing more and more support to existing and prospective incubators and both Mauritius and Rodrigues to harness the potential of our entrepreneurs to develop the mindset of entrepreneurship in the country. Last, but not least, we are endeavouring further to develop our space initiatives with the background of the success of MIR-SAT1. Our young engineers are embarking on the stimulating voyage of enhancing capacity building and human resources expertise through vibrant collaborations with ISRO (India), the Surrey Space Centre (UK) and the Mohammed Bin Rachid Space Centre (UAE). For 2023 more innovation adventures are in the pipeline. Stay tuned!


Prof Theesan Bahorun, G.O.S.K.

Executive Director of MRIC

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