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Driving forward with rear-view achievements: Enhancing further the innovation ecosystem

A look in the rear-view mirror of the outgoing fiscal year makes us realise how much the MRIC has been effectively achieving on all fronts. From progressing in the Global Innovation Index ranking, supporting the innovation community through its schemes and reaping the fruits of tangible deliverables, furthering the development of the Gender Base Violence Observatory inhouse, enhancing our space program with innovative outreach activities at both national and international levels, developing further our patent-related support services, implementing the outcomes of “Les Assises de la Recherche et de l’Innovation” and, not the least, rewarding our most prominent national innovators, the MRIC has been at the forefront of progress and innovation with the commendable outputs of its Board and staff. We are now moving in the next financial year whilst revamping our mindset, processes, and procedures to provide an agile and more conducing environment for our earmarked activities, which promise to be even more exciting…!!!

Let us be thought and action provocative with the following quote from Peter F. Druker “If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old”. The ball remains in our yard…..


Prof Theesan Bahorun, G.O.S.K.

Executive Director of MRIC

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