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Support Services

The aim of the MRIC Technology Transfer Office (MRIC-TTO) is to provide: 

  • technical support to local inventors, and 

  • assistance in the identification, protection and management of Intellectual Property (IP) that can arise from their activities.  

In this context, the MRIC has set up a collaborative agreement with SKS Law Associates1 to assist local inventors in accessing the following patent-related support services: 

  • examining characteristics of the inventions to identify novelty, inventive step, and industrial application; 

  • conducting a customised pre-filing patent search (including novelty search) to identify prior art; 

  • providing a Novelty Search Report; 

  • providing a professional/legal opinion on the patentability of inventions; and 

  • the preparation and drafting of patent applications. 

Collaboration between the MRIC and SKS Law Associates will add to existing measures taken by the Council to promote awareness and the use of IP. 

More information about the Patent-related Support Services can be accessed at  

[1] SKS Law Associates, A-98 Ground Floor, CR Park, New Delhi – 110 019, INDIA (

By: Dr N Gopaul, Ms K Lakheearam 

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